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for every child

Dulce École à Geneve

Pre-P School

Dulce École à Geneve

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Dulce École à Geneve

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At dulce,
everyone's childhood
is unique

At dulce,
everyone's childhood
is unique

We are happy to share these real stories, told in first person, to help you to discover more about the positive impact our education has had on the lives of children and their families.

Marine, mother of Castille y Auguste
«Interaction is constant with students»
Maria Jesús, mother of Miguel
«There are excellent professionals. We do not hesitate to come to this school»
Maria, mother of Folco y Roberto
«In this trilingual institution the children are happy and well cared for»
Nico and Louisa, parents of Caspar
«Loving Dulce's way of teaching. It is inclusive and brings great changes in children»

Marine, mother of
Castille et Auguste

Maria Jesús, mother of

Maria, mother of
Folco et Roberto

Nico and Louisa, parents
of Caspar

Making the difference

Six key arguments to help you learn more about the high-quality,
differentiated education we provide here in Geneva.

We teach
to transform

The biggest changes and neurological developments happen at this early age

Our educational approach combines different teaching methods and focuses to ensure the comprehensive and inclusive development of every single child.

Designed for children

The new facilities of Dulce École in Geneva are a breeding ground for innovation, creativity and talent, and its various resources, spaces and facilities promote quality education for all our children.



In our school, new technologies have an educational purpose. We teach children an appropriate and responsible use of new technologies.


Early stimulation

Early stimulation is essential for children to have a global evolution, at the same time physical, intellectual, social and emotional. We are based on Glen Doman's early stimulation program.


Multiple intelligences

Today we are aware that intelligence cannot be conceived in the same way for everyone. We know that it encompasses many facets of the human personality.


Montessori approach

We encourage your child's self-confidence and autonomy, while teaching him to evolve at his own pace, developing his senses and bringing him closer to nature.


Families, at the heart of our system

We consider the relationship between family and school to be essential. Transparency makes it possible to better understand the student and to better adapt to his needs.


Logo therapy

Logo therapy is a paramedical discipline that aims to detect, assess, prevent and treat disorders of: language (oral and written), communication, hearing, voice, swallowing and eating, orofacial disorders.


A nurturing environment

Our facilities, equipment, resources and skills create an optimal learning environment
where your little ones can improve their skills.


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