Education tailored
to every child

The added value of Dulce School is our promotion of the intellectual, human and social development of your little ones, helping them to harness the full potential of their skills and talents.

Educational vision

The Montessori approach

We help your child to build confidence and independence, while teaching them how to learn at their pace, working using the five senses and in harmony with nature.

“A child is not a vessel that is full, but a fountain that must be allowed to flow free.” María Montessori

Multiple intelligences

Working on multiple intelligences in children is today a strategic objective of early childhood education.

Gone are the times when society only considered intelligent those minors who knew how to read and write, or add and subtract. Then, other skills and abilities were not taken into account, such as the ability to relate to others, to express oneself from a plastic or kinesthetic perspective.

Today we are aware that intelligence cannot be conceived in the same way for everyone. We know that it encompasses many facets of the human being’s personality.

In this sense, the studies of Howard Gardner stand out, which, since the end of the last century and the beginning of this one, have helped enormously to conceptualize this important advance for the education of each one of the individuals.

According to his theories, the following types of intelligence are established:

  • Verbal: French, English, Spanish and sign language.
  • Logico-mathematical
  • Visual-spatial
  • Kinesthetic: yoga, physical expression, judo, psychomotor
  • Naturalist: nature excursions.
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal. working on emotions
  • Musical

Early stimulation programmes

During this time, it can easily be molded with the aid of a supportive teaching programme that creates new neural connections that will be essential in later development and in further education.

During the first stage of childhood, it is important to build the following skills:

  • Psychomotor skills for personal autonomy
  • Language and communication
  • Relationship between the child and their physical and social environment

During this time, it can easily be molded with the aid of a supportive teaching programme that creates new neural connections that will be essential in later development and in further education.

Early stimulation is essential for children to have a comprehensive evolution, both physical, intellectual, social and emotional. We are based on the Glen Doman program.

The Montessori approach in our school
Clara Prieto, pedagogical director at Dulce School of Geneva

Listening to families

Keeping an active link with families

We believe that the family-school relationship is essential. By committing to transparency, we are able to gain a fuller understanding of the pupil and better adapt to their needs.

Our psychologist and speech therapist are available to families and can advise, guide and inform parents in the case of any issue.

Family department

Our school has a family department that actively and collaboratively manages the essential link between school and family life.

Active and digital communication

Through our Yammer platform we facilitate active and constant communication between the educational center and the families. We publish daily content, notices and news from the school.


Early detection and stimulation

Logotherapy is a paramedical discipline aimed at detecting, evaluating, preventing and treating issues with language (spoken and written), communication, hearing, voice, eating and swallowing, and orofacial disorders.

We are committed to the early detection and treatment of any disorders and difficulties that children may encounter

Types of intervention

The Logotherapy department is at the service of the center to carry out different types of actions, such as:

Cooperative action in the classroom

Creating a solid foundation for more complex learning

One-to-one sessions

The important role of logo therapy at the Colegio Dulce de Ginebra.
Ana Morales, logotherapist at Dulce School of Geneva

At the cutting edge
of digital technology

An interactive education

The use of media, images and information and communication technologies (ICT) is purely for educational purposes. The technological advances of our current era are a reality, which is why Dulce provides touch screens in its classrooms to add another dimension to your child’s digital education.

Families with Office 365

Our school offers Microsoft 365 accounts to guarantee access to technology in your homes. Families with children enrolled at Dulce can make use of Dulce’s corporate environment and Office packages, included free of charge with enrolment.

Promoting inclusivity

No pupil left behind

We create a “school for all” that provides an equal education to all pupils.

We offer all of our pupils an education without borders and all the support necessary so that every child is equally able to grow and be happy.

We nourish values such as: trust, cooperation, solidarity, respect of difference and the importance of community. By sticking to these these values, we are able create an environment that favours positive development.

Individual attention

An education for every type of childhood

Every child is unique and special, and for this reason, we offer education tailored to their individual learning needs. At our school, we seek to strike a balance between expectations, opportunities and results, regardless of the pupil’s learning pace or potential.