Levels of education

Dulce, School of Geneva, is a school authorized by the Department of Public Instruction (DIP) since 07/19/2022 for the teaching of the first part of the elementary cycle, i.e. 1P and 2P.

Primary School


  • Oral skills development.
  • Introduction to writing and creative writing.
  • Psychomotor development.
  • Mini-mathematics (introduction to numbers, quantities, shapes, sequences…)
  • Introduction to manual artistic activities (graphic design, materials, 3D creations…)
  • Introduction to social and natural sciences.

1P et 2P

  • Languages.
  • Mathematics and natural sciences.
  • Humanities and social sciences.
  • Creative and manual activities, visual arts and music.
  • Body and movement: physical and nutritional education.
  • EDigital education: media, computers and uses.
  • General education.
  • Transversal skills.

Extra-curricular activities

For a better school-life balance

  • Activities outside school hours to contribute to a better school-life balance.
  • Organised from 16:30 to 18:30.
  • Activities available: yoga, psychomotor skills classes, sensory activities, arts & crafts, and dance.
  • These activities are only offered to our pupils.
  • A minimum of 10 children per group is required to start the activity.